The following materials can be placed in the recycling bins for curbside pickup if your location has this option. They must be separated by type and put into the appropriate containers. Please rinse and dry recyclables before depositing.
 Cardboard – Corrugated cardboard only, broken down.
 Glass – Clear, brown, green glass bottles/jars. No glass from windows, baking dishes, drinking glasses, etc.
 Paper – Newspaper, magazines, telephone books, hard back books (covers torn off), non-corrugated cardboard e.g., cereal boxes
 Plastic containers – Clear plastic and recycling numbers 1 through 7
 Aluminum – Aluminum cans only, no foil or other aluminum items
 Steel/metal cans – Coffee cans, some dog food cans, soup cans

The above items may also be recycled at Convenience Centers. Ashe County Convenience Centers are equipped with Single Stream recycling compactors. At centers with the SS compactors paper, plastics, aluminum and metal cans can be combined. Separate containers are used for glass and corrugated cardboard (broken down).
Additionally, items that can be recycled at Convenience Centers include:
 Electronics
 Batteries
 White Goods
 Used Oil Filters
 Used Tires

Wooden pallets must be recycled at the landfill itself but all other items can be recycled at any of the convenience centers.

Household hazardous waste should be recycled at the Dogget Road Recycling Center, located at 311 Dogget Road, West Jefferson, including:
 Oil base and latex paint paint
 Antifreeze
 Used motor oil
 Pesticides, etc

For additional assistance, check out Ashe Environmental Services