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Keep Ashe Beautiful Education  Committee

Miss Ann Teaches Recycling to CABOOSE KIDS_Moment4.jpg
The Keep Ashe Beautiful education committee offers environmental education programs and activities to Ashe County Schools and the community at-large. Our focus is on litter prevention, reduce, reuse, recycle and composting.  We love providing the youth with information on how they can help to make Ashe County a clean, green and more sustainable place to live! 

Robert Rose, Product Designer

School Kids Recycling

 Students throughout Ashe County partnered with the Keep Ashe Beautiful education group.

Keep Ashe Beautiful and Ashe County Schools creatively utilized the Elementary STEM program to enable students with hands on learning about the effects of littering in our county through lessons and activist. Courtney Eller, the STEM coordinator for Ashe County elementary schools presented the Keep Ash Beautiful lesson, and materials focused around the book The Wartville Wizard by Don Madden. We Also provided students with bags of recyclable materials to sort materials based on how long it took the items to decompose. Students were amazed to discover that straws take roughly 100 years and that glass is one of the longest-lasting man-made materials on earth. After the hands-on learning experience, students collaborated to engineer solutions to limit littering and reduce, reuse, and recycle in Ashe County. Students also learned the song, “The World Is Not Your Garbage Can." Pulse students were given “No Trash In Ashe! Think Before You Toss” activity booklets, a goodie bag with a variety of items, and an invitation to “Be A Litter Getter” by picking up around their home, neighbor’s, friend’s, or family member’s home. Making Everyday Earth Day!

Keep Ashe Beautiful presented on June 18, 2022  At the Caboose Kids programs. At Connie the Caboose in the Backstreet Park in West Jefferson. Children enjoyed story time that Inspired Kids to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, Plus arts, craft and games with Ann Peters and our special guest Bag man.

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