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Get Involved

You Can Make a Difference

  1. Lead by example. The number one thing you can do to keep your neighborhood and community clean is set a litter-free example for others. Pick up after your dog, don’t flick cigarette butts onto the ground and if you see litter lying around, grab it. 

  2. Tie your trash bags. Take a moment to tie your bags and secure your lids. This prevents stray pieces of trash from falling out and blowing around your neighborhood.

  3. Give back. Become involved in a Keep Ashe Beautiful community cleanup, or better yet, organize one yourself. We can provide you with trash grabbers, bags, gloves and t-shirts. Everyone wants to live in a clean neighborhood and we love getting involved in group cleanups. Get your family, friends or your business together, bring some music and snacks and spend an hour or two tidying up the place you call home. 

  4. Reuse. Reuse wrapping paper, gift bags, plastic containers and anything else as much as you can. Recycling is important, but reusing is even better and saves you money, too. 

  5. Get outside. The only way to want to keep your neighborhood and community clean is to love and appreciate it, Spend time in it. Get up and take a stroll around your community to remind yourself what you love and why you want to keep it clean.

Donation Jar

Attend an Event

Do you feel called to be a part of our work and support one of our teams? If you’ve decided to Attend an Event, rest assured that your time spent contributing to the work of Keep Ashe Beautiful will be felt by the people that need it most.


Make a Donation

We believe the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for the community to become actively involved. If you are looking for a fulfilling means in which to be a part of our efforts, then it’s time to Make a Donation and join Keep Ashe Beautiful efforts.

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Keep Ashe Beautiful depends on your commitment to Volunteer in order to promote real change on the ground and in local communities. If it weren’t for the active participation of countless individuals, Keep Ashe Beautiful would be far more limited.

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